Lucky Numbers

Make your Picks: Monday-Thursdays

Lucky Number Selection: Fridays at 5PM

Get one (1) free pick each day, earn a 2nd pick each day by earning 200 points!

Make your picks from any promotional kiosk!

The more you match, the more you WIN!

  • Match 5: Win the Progressive!
  • Match 4: $500 Royal Free Play
  • Match 3: $50 Royal Free Play
  • Match 2: $10 Royal Free Play
  • Match 1: $5 Royal Free Play
  • Match 0: No Prize

Progressive starts at $5,000 Royal Free Play each week and increases by $5,000 each week it is not won. Progressive will reset once reached the max of $50,000.

Winners must claim their prize from a promotional kiosk by 11:59PM on Friday. Any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.