DraftKings at Casino Queen is always looking for the highest quality suppliers. Our strategy is to work with a broad range of suppliers that are competitive in quality, service and price and are encouraged to support our diversity efforts.

DraftKings at Casino Queen’s Diversity Statement

DraftKings at Casino Queen prides itself on a diverse workforce.  DraftKings at Casino Queen’s success is built upon this wealth of diversity and belief that greatness can only be achieved when all viewpoints and perspectives contribute collectively.

DraftKings at Casino Queen, through the efforts of its diverse workforce, has established itself as an industry leader in providing quality gaming experiences and amenities at the most affordable cost. In this framework, DraftKings at Casino Queen encourages women, minorities, persons with disabilities, and any other vendor committed to offering quality products or services to bid for our business on a fair playing field. Encouraging diverse businesses to partner with DraftKings at Casino Queen is just one way we help build a stronger community.